The Haute-Île

Entrance at the site of the “Point P” shop on  RN34, Avenue Jean Jaurès. A 30-space carpark is situated at the entrance to the park.

This is a departmental park which extends over 65 hectares and situated between the Canal de Chelles and a bend in the River Marne. This new facility promotes the biodiversity of the river and natural area, which have become rare in Seine-Saint-Denis. It has been developed in line with the archaeological heritage of the site and promotes this through the installation of an “archeosite”.

The park features three very distinct natural areas. Despite being relatively young, they already present a remarkably rich natural diversity. Well before it opened to the public, the site was already part of the “Natura 2000 in Seine-Saint-Denis” network.

The subsoil revealed unexpected archaeological wealth. The archaeology presents visitors to the park with 10,000 years of history, retracing the evolution of the relationship between man and the environment. The opening and closing times of the park vary throughout the year.

PeriodPark opening timesCarpark and park closing times
1-31 January8.30 am5.30 pm
1-28 February6pm
1-31 March6.30 pm
1-31 April7.30 pm
1 May-14 September8pm
15 Sept-9 October7.30 pm
10-31 October6.30 pm
1-15 November5.30 pm
16 Nov-31 Dec5 pm